What is this?

It's a "party mode" for Spotify.
  • Want to host a party?
  • Let your guests choose the songs to play?
  • But don't let your guests mess up your playlists?
TA DA .. Welcome to Partyspot!
A party-optimized music queue management online tool.

How does it work?

It's free. It's in your browser.
  • Start the spotify application. Drag the spotify window somewhere, but don't close it (or it will keep popping up)
  • Set your browser to full-screen-mode (Most browsers: Press "F11")
  • Start the party! (Press blue button below)


Should guests be allowed to skip to the next song while a song is still playing?

How many songs of the same artist can be in the song queue?

Maximum number of songs in the song queue


To start, click the button:
Start the party now If your browser wants to open spotify links, allow it, and check the box to "always open spotify links".

  • No accidentally playing songs, only queuing
  • No volume changes
  • Users can vote for songs in the playlist ("+1")
  • See the last played songs


You can even try to run your browser in Kiosk Mode to prevent the party guests from meddling with other stuff on your computer. There is a firefox plugin that can do it, and the opera browser is said to have a brilliant kiosk mode. It is so good, the only way to exit is to shut down the computer.


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